KBOOM have new update version 2.0.6

  KBOOM have new update version you can update it automatically when you open the software What's new on version 2.0.6: 1- upgrade and fix group search tool - ability to use more then one account - ability to use more then one keywords on the same time - extract up to 100 group per one keyword - live view for the group info ... Read More »

5th Dec 2020
new update for our prices

we have changes our prices and discount it so every one can get kboom software and start gain money 

check it
new prices

1st Dec 2020

  If you have work online or you do not want to start You have a page and run it ???? We have an ideal employee 24 hours a day on the pedigree, showing 225 pounds a month KboomBot He does not delay, nor does he take his predecessor from work It can do all this - Reply to any comments, regardless of their quantity and content, to whom you ... Read More »

26th Jun 2020
Learn the advantages of the program

hello sir .   thanks for ur interest in kboom software kboom software has made to help the Marketers to achieve them goals with more than 35 tools for Facebook. WhatsApp and mail field and more tools on future    (Facebook platform)   * data extractor tool:-  which extract all available data from any place from facebook (numbers ... Read More »

25th Jun 2020
new update 24/06/2020

*** ???? Manage groups for budgets ???? *** New performance joins the Kboom toolkit, effective in marketing and management, and it enables you to manage groups to subscribe to it by the page.  Performance features: - Search for groups by search or keywords???? - Search for groups within a specific group of members - The possibility of ... Read More »

24th Jun 2020